Goals And Objectives

1.To enhance and strengthen the liaison, communication networking and relationship amongst finance professional s and other professionals and their organizations, appropriate business professional bodies association, government departments and authorities in Nigeria and internationally.

2.To raise the interest of women finance professionals about our noble profession.

3.To foster, promote and enhance the synergy and cooperation amongst members of the association and other professions and general public in Nigeria and international.

4.To arrange, organized, setup, establish, support, subscribe to and assist in arranging, organizing, setting up, establishing and supporting foundations, funds, trusts, association or in connecting with providing or making available professional  education and training courses and programmes for or to finance professionals and other professionals and the general public in Nigeria and internationally.

5.To establish scholarship for the Girl child, youth, poor and the underprivileged who wish to study finance and accounting in Nigeria and elseehere

6.To operate a microfinance bank to give loan facilities to women enterpreneurs for effective enterpreneurship activities to eradicate poverty in Nigeria and reduce the rate un-employment in our society

7.To advance the status of fiancé and accounting profession and business in Nigeria.

8.To cooperate with civil society in providing services for the sick, youth empowerment and orphans by promoting collaborative network amongst diverse developmental foundations on poverty eradication.

9.To promote and enhance the work-life balance of women in general.

10.To promote social responsibilities of woman professionals.

11.To promote educational and charitable activities in Nigeria and elsewhere.

12.To promote affairs of women finance professionals and other women professionals in Nigeria and Internationally.

13.To enhance the professionals interest and welfare of members.

14.To advance the status of finance and accounting profession and business in Nigeria.

15.The association shall work with cooperate bodies, private bodies and international advocating groups and researchers.


Bank: Eco Bank

Account No: 2762070191

Sort Code: 050080821

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone No: 08069168955



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