What We Do

We intend to operate women owned Micro Finance Bank to provide loan facilities to women entrepreneurs for effective enterpreneurship activities in other to eradicate poverty in Nigeria and also to reduce the rate of unemployment in women. Besides, we assist youth who are aspiring to be finance professionals by encouraging them to make career in finance profession.

We are devoted to advance professionalism in finance services by promoting the development and career progress to women in finance, to provide a broad-based network of contacts and public forum to examine contemporary issues in work life balance and social responsibilities. Quite simply, we exist to encourage women in finance profession to claim their rightful place in the boardrooms, where the womenfolk have been grossly under represented. We also empower women, youth and the girl child through a number of activities which aim to fire their zeal and determination to break the glass ceiling and succeed in life.

The Association also provides forum for the discussion of issues confronting women in finance profession and other women professionals in their various field and proffer solutions where necessary. Part of our mandate is to encourage women professionals especially women in finance to claim their rightful place in the boardrooms, where the womenfolk have been grossly under-represented. We encourage young women (Youth) girl child to make career in finance profession through our scholarship program.

We intend to connect and develop women in business community through our seminars and workshops. Besides, we also collaborate with civil societies in providing services for the sick and orphanages in empowering the youth, by promoting a collaborating network amongst diverse development foundations on poverty eradication. The association works with corporate bodies, private bodies and international advocacy group and researchers.


Bank: Eco Bank

Account No: 2762070191

Sort Code: 050080821

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone No: 08069168955



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