Membership Benefits

  • A.Job referrals and industry publications
  • B.Taping into a personal and professional network of successful, outstanding, intelligent, motivated and influential professionals who understands the unique challenges of being a woman in the profession.
  • C.AWPFM allows you to develop your career; hone your leadership skills and keep current issues facing women in the finance and accounting profession.
  • D.There is no better time to join AWPFM than the present, as its members embarks on career and life in the balance, an exciting initiative designed to focus on what our members want and need most: education, information, networking and support.

When you become a member of AWPFM, you’ll benefit from this initiative, as well as enjoy the following established programs and services:

  1. 1.Edge, a bimonthly magazine that includes articles on current issues in finance and accounting career and life balance.
  2. an award-winning website that provides access to members only area, searchable online membership directory and job referral network.
  3. 3.Annual conference, held each year at different and exciting locations across Nigeria and outside the country where you will benefit from more a selection of more than 20 high-quality seminars and workshops and opportunity to  explore the location. 
  4. 4.Low cost, high quality programme at National, regional and local chapters.
  5. 5.Chapter membership provides monthly educational, networking leadership opportunities.
  6. 6.Credit card/Loan programmes.
  7. 7.Business contacts locally and internationally.  
  8. 8.Employment listings from employers and recruiters targeting AWPFM members
  9. 9.Wealth creation awareness
  10. 10.World-wide recognition 
  11. 11.Career and personal development programs for personal and professional skills.
  12. 12.Members shall attend events organized by the Association at the preferential rates
  13. 13.Marketing and networking opportunities at events and programme.
  14. 14.Broad professional network of members in financial services
  15. 15.Special members rates for events.
  16. 16.VIP discounts to prestigeous shops and restaurants
  17. 17.Access to affiliate events with partner association
  18. 18.Receive updates on events and program periodically
  19. 19.Leadership opportunities in supportive arena


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